Monday, August 16, 2010

food!! nomnomnom

Hello candy!

Candy, it is my honour to tell you what I have eaten in this past 5 days of fasting! That's nearly a whole week, I'm just excited to tell you about it! I hope your saliva will be ready and your stomach isn't full for the foods. I'm sure you want to eat it too.. hehehe


For the 1st day of Ramadhan, I've this acknowledgement that I want to save money. A friend of mine, Farah said that she only spent RM5 for one day! and I want to do it too! Too save money of course! So, that day I've decided to eat LAKSA PENANG! It's cost RM2. For sahur, or I oooked porridge. Yum! Save money =RM3

For 2nd day, I think I sort of overspent or kinda overstress because that night I had an Exam for Corporate Governance which I did not do very well on! HUH! Okay back on the topic of foods, I bought fried mihun, jelly or agar-agar, caramel pudding and air kelapa. hmmmm I like! I was stresses then! All this cost about RM4.50 haha! For sahur, I cooked Kampung Fried Rice and I cooked for 4 people which for me and my housemate! Save money= RM0.50

For the 3rd day however, I went back to KL to spend time with my mother. We both went a little over board with the food since mama said this week is the only week she's going out so she eat what she could. So budget is not included this time candy. Caramel pudding, nata de coco pudding, blueberry tart, creme puff, karipap or curry puff, murtabak,bubur pisang, bubur pulut merah, some assorted kuih muih I'm not sure the name is. That's only for side dishes! The main dish would be Pajeri nanas, Nasi beriyani with kurma ayam, acar, ayam bakar, ikar pari with assam pedas, and I sort of forget. There were too much!! But the funny thing was that Mama and I didn't wake up for sahur! hahaha

For the 4th day, I'm just gonna sum it all up. Mee rebus, Bakso, Bergedil, Bubur Pisang, creme puff, blueberry tart, karipap, jelly. i think that's it. But for sahur, we ate rice, kari chicken, acar, leftover from yesterday which gave me stomach ache.

For the 5th day, Ikar BAKAR!! Ikan Pari!! Ayam percik, pucuk paku masak lemak cili padi, kangkung goreng belacan, caramel pudding and air limau kasturi.

So candy, I think I've not been dieting and this is soooo much food. I'm starting to be getting hungry! Grrr.. But I can wait for berbuka. Oh in case your wondering, I drank Tropicana Twister Orange juice all the time for breaking fast. Hehe Nak promote kejap brand tu.

I hope you have a lovely day candy. Choose your food wisely and don't follow the lust so much. It'll only be wasted.

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