Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello candy,

Since I'm waiting for my friends to finish with their part of the assignment and do wait for discussion, I'm going to post about my dream wedding.. :P hahahaha I know right.. really??? it might happen! it's only a dream though, Just hoping.. but seriously I doubt it going to happen...

I'm so happy for Hilary Duff who got recently wed.. Best wishes for you, Hilary! from one your fan! hehe

I like hair like this because it's easy and very elegant. Also, it is very chic and fashionable. However though, I wear a scarf (tudung) So this type of hair is not in the question. Hurmmmm

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rings.. gosh~!! Bling Bling.. I kind of like cuts and shapes like these but there are other options~!




dresses?? haha well I'm a muslim thus I need to be Muslimah in all way possible~! so I can't have vera wang design for me, I'm not that rich!!! Honestly though, her dresses are really pretty and If only! if only then maybe.. right?? I can only dream of dresses like this...

if you want you can look at her website. OMG!! I loving all of it! But my top 10 would be callalily, dylan, eleanor, devon, daphne, deandra, amelia and tatiana.

I kinda like dresses like this for its waist and longigation. hahaha I want to look taller!! Serious candy, I'm 4 ft 11!! I'm not yet 5 ft!! Not reaching it either!

details like this is just amazing!!

themes...?? I like a lot of them! some would be garden theme, beach theme, simple river runs through theme, white theme, sakura theme and well... MANY!


don't you think it's a bit lavish and rich?? Yep.. I think so too..

I have to say I havent thought about the food!! Would malaysian food mixed with this lavish and extravagant theme?? Hurmmm Well I hope you guys can guess..

well I guess thats it for my dream wedding but I haven't really thought of it thoroughly, only just what to wear, the ring.. the cake???!! OMG I left that one out.. HUrmm... Maybe later..

Bye candy!! It's time to finish with assignment!
Still doing assignment~!! and its 9.11AM

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