Monday, August 9, 2010

dog tired

Hello candy!

photo by i like tomatoes

I've arrived from KL, a weekend spent with mama and arif with almost of his friends. It was tiring thought when I was doing all the spending and having fun and shopping...bla..bla..bla.. tired!

OKay! to start of, I was suppose to go back on Thursday but Arif said he wanted to follow and some of his friends, cyborg and adam wanted to head there too so eventually we left muadzam on friday, exactly at! seriously my lappie is doing s*** because suddenly it crashed! and all what i've wrote is gone!!

photo by kiimchi tumblr

arghhh!!! okay im off to bed now! can't re-write what i wrote my head is sleepy and i have a sore throat.. errrr... yuck!

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