Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello candy!

Hi!! sorry for being missing for a long time. Actually I was preparing to come back for my semester since I was in semester break for 3 months! Huh~! It was a really long break actually but I glad I'm finally came back but kinda in a mixed feelings. For sure it's because I'm a student that's why there a feelings of laziness and tiredness but at the same time happiness and well glad I got something to do rather than laying down and sleeping.

Today, I started my first class but it was a bit boring but I'm taking things in seriously. Studying is important now since my father is no longer here. So I can't play and waste anything anymore. It's more easy to say I need to be responsible and a mature adult! I am 22 of course! So making sure my future is fully intact and bright and shiny as possible!

At class today, my day started as coming in late! and well introducing myself with humiliation because I could do better! Than my lecture talk and talk, do her lecture and stuff. I was like sleepy but honestly I didn't get anything she talked about! Advance management accounting is so hard! damn! I need to learn and do better if I want a range rover!! ha ha ha.. Later after class me and my friends went for lunch and talked and talked. There is this one crisis which I'm suppose to say but I'm just gonna call it "LAME" well it's lame! I really don't want to say more. Then I remember I had class at 2pm! So my friend Nealy send me to class, otw to class I was like yeah! something to do and I heard to was a fun and exciting class. I was flying but actually I was walking. Then to my horror!!! No one was there! So i thought people didn't come yet. I waited still no one came in! Then I walked out, guess what There's a notice in front of the door saying "class is canceled" I was like what???!!! OMG well I called nealy again and she sort of yelled at me saying she was near to the head office and I was like I didn't know so I was my fault at first and I said sorry but it was actually very funny! No one told me about class is canceled. HUH! Later, I clean my room tidy things up and blablabla. But I had class at 8pm so at last! a class!! but it wasn't even a study class. He just introduce himself and talked about the economy and poverty and stuff which was really run! But all I can remember is "Miss london" his cousin. Haha it was hilarious but it suppose to be like a sad story.

Anyway, I'm at home now. Updating with u my dear candy! I did promise a few things right? So I will try to do it ASAP!.

Thanks candy!

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