Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello candy,

it's been two weeks right?? I know, you missed me but I'm sort of busy with classes, assignment, going home, going back to muadzam....etc...etc...etc so much things to do! I can't put my finger on it. Honestly, as weeks progresses my free time is limited and manipulated by all the schedule and hectic of life! honestly, I hit brain mode for serious reconstruction of my life and mind! I need to study and get good marks! That's what I promise papa to do so candy I can't blog all the time. Sorry my friend. But keep in mind, I didn't forget u at all. If u always browse and this page then maybe I updated it in times u didn't notice.

I've got a very interesting story. It's about a family whose son died during his sleep, this son is buried right next to my father. He was an architect, and 30 years old if I'm not mistaken. The story about his death was like a reminiscent of how papa died but this man death was unnoticeable until the people surrounding him got suspicious. He was staying with his aunt and uncle, he was originally from Kuantan, Pahang somewhere near where I study. It was morning and he was suppose to go to work but they think he sort of overslept so they left for a morning jog I think. Thus, when they came back, his car was still there and everything was. They figured he might be getting ready. At 8 or 9 am, he wasn't coming down or anything, so they check on him and found out he was already gone. That's the story about him, now the story about his father. I saw his father a few days after papa had left and I visited papa about 2 or 3 days afterward and met with this man family including the father. He rode a big motorcycle and it was loud. I thought of him as secluded it might seem. He was rather a far from where we were standing, I think he got hurt just like I was. So the story goes on like this, Mama and I was visiting papa last week and saw the man family, we talk and talk. Suddenly, the mother said that the father had past away. I was shocked! So mama asked when? She said it was 10 days. I thought it was 10 days ago. I was like OMG!!! but she smiled and said it was 10 days after her son death that her husband followed. Mama begin to cry and I was going to cry but I didn't want to hurt the lady. Her daughter too begin to cry, she was my age 21/22.

These are very strong people! I can't imagine my life would be like this! I only lost my father but to hear they lost two important people in their life in just a short coming of days! That's wrenching even for me! I can't imagine losing mama! Sorry I've begin to cry right now.

People commented on my facebook saying they don't know what they are going to feel or unimaginable if it were to happen to them. I lost only one member but there are other people who lost more than two or 3 in just a split second. That i sympathizes on. I couldn't live if I lost mama, papa or anyone in my family or arief at the same time. Mama says that we need to be ready for all lost to come. I wasn't ready at all when papa left I'm very sure of it. No body was. No body thought of it.

I hope people will remember all those people whom we loved and let go. Don't forget to pray for them. Papa gave me life and I will in return live like he wanted me too.
I'll try to earn and achieve many things in my life even if it was the hardest in this world.

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