Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello Candy!

Today Spain won!
They are now officially qualified for the title of champion or runner up hehehe.. I hope they becomes champion!! I really hope so! I felt a sudden urge of relieve after a long time of aching, frustration, sad and agonizing. Just by waiting for the game! Honestly I thought it was finale already and I thought Spain won as "CHAMPION". Though I felt like an idiot because I thought Spain was going to lose against Germany. Everyone one of my friends thought that Germany was strong and they beat England and Argentina with amazing goals set. I mean 4-1 and 4-0.. Like yeahhh I didn't want Spain to lose!



I'm so Happy!! I am still currently amazed and dazed!

Did you see how Casillas block the balls that were coming at him? I sure did! I was like noooo!! suddenly, he blocked it! Everyone was like OMG He is so cool! I already knew that he is a great goalkeeper! I want to thank him for blocking them well! I mean good reflexes man! He got good vision, alert and I kinda think his eye's were always on the ball and never let it out of it's sight. GREAT! That's why he is my favorite goal keeper!

Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso also I thought played good. Though he didn't make the goal when he already tried but I knew he wanted it so bad for Spain to win. It's like he was frustrated and really! everyone wanted to score the goal! But Xabi Alonso kicked the ball exactly at the center of the goal. Directly! It was saved almost all the time by the keeper of germany Manuel Neuer. I think Manuel also tried well and played well. He did block all the balls and shots that were aiming at him! But just one ball missed out. Those were Carles Puyol shot that won! He didn't kicked it though he did the header! which was amazing! clean and very sharp!

Manuel Neuer

Carles Puyol

Though everyone was expecting David villa to score but I know the german was expecting him to shot it. I also was hoping too. I remembered once in the malaysian newspaper saying that The germany had said "spain has many Messi!" which was true! I absolutely believed it! Messi is great! Never forget that!

David Villa

Sergio Ramos

The defender sergio ramos also did an amazing tackle and hassle. He defend well! however I must say that some had flaws and maybe a bit rude but that is what needed to defend right? It was important! He did so. Defending need hard! rude! aggresive and manipulative spirit! huh.. I'm sort of thinking about how I might picture them.

Amazing isn't it?? I couldn't take my eyes off of them! The game was really fun to watch. My heart was beating and racing just like I was part of the game and coach yelling and screaming for them to goal! It nearly burst! I'm not a screamer but I did scream! hehe.. picture me screaming would be like a cat fighting for food. hahaha

Miroslav Klose

My friend thought that germany didn't play well. I'm sorry I couldn't say much about it because I was so focused on spain so I didn't notice much. I felt sad for the Miroslav Klose because I think he was a bit alone there. Hmm but the game was superb and I know Spain can win the world cup! They have too..

This sunday is going to be the best day ever! Not in my life because I'm not married yet nor anything ever amazing ever happens but it those days I'm going to remember all my life. I'll pray for spain to win!

To spain: Good luck! Fighting! Don't Underestimate Holland! Learn their tactics, defense, offense and strategies.

Best of luck to spain and Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Yahoo! Spain can win!!

To germany: I know you guys can win 3rd place. I hope you win too!

Before I end, These photos of the player were taken from FIFA

Love Ya!

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