Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hello candy!

today is a very cold day! it rained and it was freezing like winter cold! besides I was wearing shorts so yeah, that's why it's cold hehe.. nothing usual about it though. All random coldness here in muadzam!

I am feeling rather in pain right now! Because I want to see


so much!!! I'm actually bored and frustrated that's all I could think of! really man! PLUSSSS I have no tv here and my friend yaya's tv can't get the channel that shows the game! Someone please help me! I want to watch the game!! Ohh Iker Casillas I hope you guys win!! Go spain! I am honestly the supporter for real madrid because of him!


however suddenly, i fell for messi. I don't know why though. I don't think his handsome nor cute but something about him makes me like him. I think I like him no matter how hard and bad he played. I think he is the best of the best and I hope he does well in his career. He gain my support! Go messi!


I hope spain got to go to the finals and argentina was the rival but argentina didn't make it. I vote and scream for them. They will always play the best and I hope maradona still coach them for next world cup. I want him too. I fight back and show what he couldn't. I'm sure now if he does stick to coaching argentina maybe he knows the pro's and con's. So yeah. maradona please. stay.


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