Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello candy,

it's been two weeks right?? I know, you missed me but I'm sort of busy with classes, assignment, going home, going back to muadzam....etc...etc...etc so much things to do! I can't put my finger on it. Honestly, as weeks progresses my free time is limited and manipulated by all the schedule and hectic of life! honestly, I hit brain mode for serious reconstruction of my life and mind! I need to study and get good marks! That's what I promise papa to do so candy I can't blog all the time. Sorry my friend. But keep in mind, I didn't forget u at all. If u always browse and this page then maybe I updated it in times u didn't notice.

I've got a very interesting story. It's about a family whose son died during his sleep, this son is buried right next to my father. He was an architect, and 30 years old if I'm not mistaken. The story about his death was like a reminiscent of how papa died but this man death was unnoticeable until the people surrounding him got suspicious. He was staying with his aunt and uncle, he was originally from Kuantan, Pahang somewhere near where I study. It was morning and he was suppose to go to work but they think he sort of overslept so they left for a morning jog I think. Thus, when they came back, his car was still there and everything was. They figured he might be getting ready. At 8 or 9 am, he wasn't coming down or anything, so they check on him and found out he was already gone. That's the story about him, now the story about his father. I saw his father a few days after papa had left and I visited papa about 2 or 3 days afterward and met with this man family including the father. He rode a big motorcycle and it was loud. I thought of him as secluded it might seem. He was rather a far from where we were standing, I think he got hurt just like I was. So the story goes on like this, Mama and I was visiting papa last week and saw the man family, we talk and talk. Suddenly, the mother said that the father had past away. I was shocked! So mama asked when? She said it was 10 days. I thought it was 10 days ago. I was like OMG!!! but she smiled and said it was 10 days after her son death that her husband followed. Mama begin to cry and I was going to cry but I didn't want to hurt the lady. Her daughter too begin to cry, she was my age 21/22.

These are very strong people! I can't imagine my life would be like this! I only lost my father but to hear they lost two important people in their life in just a short coming of days! That's wrenching even for me! I can't imagine losing mama! Sorry I've begin to cry right now.

People commented on my facebook saying they don't know what they are going to feel or unimaginable if it were to happen to them. I lost only one member but there are other people who lost more than two or 3 in just a split second. That i sympathizes on. I couldn't live if I lost mama, papa or anyone in my family or arief at the same time. Mama says that we need to be ready for all lost to come. I wasn't ready at all when papa left I'm very sure of it. No body was. No body thought of it.

I hope people will remember all those people whom we loved and let go. Don't forget to pray for them. Papa gave me life and I will in return live like he wanted me too.
I'll try to earn and achieve many things in my life even if it was the hardest in this world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello Candy!

Today Spain won!
They are now officially qualified for the title of champion or runner up hehehe.. I hope they becomes champion!! I really hope so! I felt a sudden urge of relieve after a long time of aching, frustration, sad and agonizing. Just by waiting for the game! Honestly I thought it was finale already and I thought Spain won as "CHAMPION". Though I felt like an idiot because I thought Spain was going to lose against Germany. Everyone one of my friends thought that Germany was strong and they beat England and Argentina with amazing goals set. I mean 4-1 and 4-0.. Like yeahhh I didn't want Spain to lose!



I'm so Happy!! I am still currently amazed and dazed!

Did you see how Casillas block the balls that were coming at him? I sure did! I was like noooo!! suddenly, he blocked it! Everyone was like OMG He is so cool! I already knew that he is a great goalkeeper! I want to thank him for blocking them well! I mean good reflexes man! He got good vision, alert and I kinda think his eye's were always on the ball and never let it out of it's sight. GREAT! That's why he is my favorite goal keeper!

Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso also I thought played good. Though he didn't make the goal when he already tried but I knew he wanted it so bad for Spain to win. It's like he was frustrated and really! everyone wanted to score the goal! But Xabi Alonso kicked the ball exactly at the center of the goal. Directly! It was saved almost all the time by the keeper of germany Manuel Neuer. I think Manuel also tried well and played well. He did block all the balls and shots that were aiming at him! But just one ball missed out. Those were Carles Puyol shot that won! He didn't kicked it though he did the header! which was amazing! clean and very sharp!

Manuel Neuer

Carles Puyol

Though everyone was expecting David villa to score but I know the german was expecting him to shot it. I also was hoping too. I remembered once in the malaysian newspaper saying that The germany had said "spain has many Messi!" which was true! I absolutely believed it! Messi is great! Never forget that!

David Villa

Sergio Ramos

The defender sergio ramos also did an amazing tackle and hassle. He defend well! however I must say that some had flaws and maybe a bit rude but that is what needed to defend right? It was important! He did so. Defending need hard! rude! aggresive and manipulative spirit! huh.. I'm sort of thinking about how I might picture them.

Amazing isn't it?? I couldn't take my eyes off of them! The game was really fun to watch. My heart was beating and racing just like I was part of the game and coach yelling and screaming for them to goal! It nearly burst! I'm not a screamer but I did scream! hehe.. picture me screaming would be like a cat fighting for food. hahaha

Miroslav Klose

My friend thought that germany didn't play well. I'm sorry I couldn't say much about it because I was so focused on spain so I didn't notice much. I felt sad for the Miroslav Klose because I think he was a bit alone there. Hmm but the game was superb and I know Spain can win the world cup! They have too..

This sunday is going to be the best day ever! Not in my life because I'm not married yet nor anything ever amazing ever happens but it those days I'm going to remember all my life. I'll pray for spain to win!

To spain: Good luck! Fighting! Don't Underestimate Holland! Learn their tactics, defense, offense and strategies.

Best of luck to spain and Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Yahoo! Spain can win!!

To germany: I know you guys can win 3rd place. I hope you win too!

Before I end, These photos of the player were taken from FIFA

Love Ya!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hello candy!

today is a very cold day! it rained and it was freezing like winter cold! besides I was wearing shorts so yeah, that's why it's cold hehe.. nothing usual about it though. All random coldness here in muadzam!

I am feeling rather in pain right now! Because I want to see


so much!!! I'm actually bored and frustrated that's all I could think of! really man! PLUSSSS I have no tv here and my friend yaya's tv can't get the channel that shows the game! Someone please help me! I want to watch the game!! Ohh Iker Casillas I hope you guys win!! Go spain! I am honestly the supporter for real madrid because of him!


however suddenly, i fell for messi. I don't know why though. I don't think his handsome nor cute but something about him makes me like him. I think I like him no matter how hard and bad he played. I think he is the best of the best and I hope he does well in his career. He gain my support! Go messi!


I hope spain got to go to the finals and argentina was the rival but argentina didn't make it. I vote and scream for them. They will always play the best and I hope maradona still coach them for next world cup. I want him too. I fight back and show what he couldn't. I'm sure now if he does stick to coaching argentina maybe he knows the pro's and con's. So yeah. maradona please. stay.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello candy!

Hi!! sorry for being missing for a long time. Actually I was preparing to come back for my semester since I was in semester break for 3 months! Huh~! It was a really long break actually but I glad I'm finally came back but kinda in a mixed feelings. For sure it's because I'm a student that's why there a feelings of laziness and tiredness but at the same time happiness and well glad I got something to do rather than laying down and sleeping.

Today, I started my first class but it was a bit boring but I'm taking things in seriously. Studying is important now since my father is no longer here. So I can't play and waste anything anymore. It's more easy to say I need to be responsible and a mature adult! I am 22 of course! So making sure my future is fully intact and bright and shiny as possible!

At class today, my day started as coming in late! and well introducing myself with humiliation because I could do better! Than my lecture talk and talk, do her lecture and stuff. I was like sleepy but honestly I didn't get anything she talked about! Advance management accounting is so hard! damn! I need to learn and do better if I want a range rover!! ha ha ha.. Later after class me and my friends went for lunch and talked and talked. There is this one crisis which I'm suppose to say but I'm just gonna call it "LAME" well it's lame! I really don't want to say more. Then I remember I had class at 2pm! So my friend Nealy send me to class, otw to class I was like yeah! something to do and I heard to was a fun and exciting class. I was flying but actually I was walking. Then to my horror!!! No one was there! So i thought people didn't come yet. I waited still no one came in! Then I walked out, guess what There's a notice in front of the door saying "class is canceled" I was like what???!!! OMG well I called nealy again and she sort of yelled at me saying she was near to the head office and I was like I didn't know so I was my fault at first and I said sorry but it was actually very funny! No one told me about class is canceled. HUH! Later, I clean my room tidy things up and blablabla. But I had class at 8pm so at last! a class!! but it wasn't even a study class. He just introduce himself and talked about the economy and poverty and stuff which was really run! But all I can remember is "Miss london" his cousin. Haha it was hilarious but it suppose to be like a sad story.

Anyway, I'm at home now. Updating with u my dear candy! I did promise a few things right? So I will try to do it ASAP!.

Thanks candy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hello candy!

Sorry for being MIA. but I will update status soon!! I'll try..

Love ya!