Friday, June 18, 2010

The new Little Lady Candy Land!

Hello Candy!

Grand day isn't it?? Guess what? You've changed and grown up now! a more romantic and humorous look! I hope you love it! I do! However, it doesn't feel like it's changed much but I kinda like it!

I know people want me to put like pictures on the background or movement and more up scale kinda feel but like simple, modest and sort out layout. It's more easy to handle and the HTML is not quite hard to understand! Well, it's has been a long day and night just to figure out what the blog is going to look like, the colours, the feeling towards it and of course! the wholesome image! I hope this layout sticks because it is personally the best of the best that I've seen! Okay now!

Candy! Today we have a huge plan or schedule to follow! First, we need to go to the police station to pay for my summon for accidentally talking on the phone while driving!! hahahaha!! I know stupid me! There are rules you know! Then, Me and mama have to go to KLCC to pay for another summons HUH!! from Maxis about my previous broadband! So many Summons!! Guess what?! The whole total of these amazing summons is nearly RM400!! I could buy new glasses for that!! Also! I want to eat pancakes at KLCC. There are quite delicious and very much savory and hyumm. I'll try to post picture later in the day!

Okay thats for now Candy!

PS: There will be a new blog by me soon!

Love ya!
Love papa even more!
Love mama lots more!
Love arief tons more!
Love me absolutely more!

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