Saturday, June 5, 2010


It may sound odd or off to some people but I've been realizing that my writing experience has grown and I am happy. I'm worried though because I think my timing for writing is around in the morning or maybe some time there. It's a nuisance to people but I'm not really an owl! I do sleep! it's my favorite past time.

Anyway, today we had a tough day! Tired and exhausted! and SWEATY! My aunt Salmah is going for Umrah next week so we went to her home and do a Doa Selamat for her. My mom and Aunt Banun actually asked auntie salmah to pray for me, my two sisters, my sister friends, and some of my cousins. They asked that she prayed for us so that we can find a "JODOH" as in marriage. It's like soul mate. I am one half and my "JODOH" is the other half thus making the perfect soul mate. As of all you might know I already have some one in mind. I only love him know. Always. Arief.

Nothing very usual today, just went there, pray, eat, pack for reserve (food), left for home.

Now, I am really tired and I can't say much.

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