Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello Candy!


Sorry for being MIA all of a sudden. Well, i can tell you guys that the past day have been a havoc and tired!! We were all so tired! So to start off, I would just like to say Hello! and I miss you guys! Oh! To make a recommendation, I would actually like to make a proposal! I will now begin my blog with a few words and some might be slightly awkward but it's good! So let it begin here:

Hello Candy!

Sorry for being missing lately. I was caught up with some hectic schedule and couldn't and wouldn't ran away from it. Honestly, It was great. So to start of, On Saturday, Me, Mama, Alin and Ilham (my nephew and sister) went shopping at the morning market to buy a heaps of food for sunday Tahlil. It's my side of the family turn to do it. SO we went there at about 9.30 arrived and have breakfast. Mama had mee and Mihun Goreng for breakfast, however I had roti canai but it was instant! so it does not taste good! and the half boiled egg also suck!! bad!! but when we went to buy the stuffs I was pretty lost actually to be precise, I wasn't lost I was actually feeling as if I'm watching my self. It was weird but I felt as if Papa was with me and holding my hand. It's was great! I loved it. To make even better, we decided to cook the food he loved most! I think the spelling is Unggut Kepala masak Lemak but I can't really tell. Haha. It's actually the coconut tree cooked with the coconut milk. It's good and I loved it! Next, we had Sambal Ikan Bilis with Petai! It's Spicy Anchovy With Bitter bean or stink bean (I already checked on wikipedia!). Then we had Beef Curry, Spicy Shrimp and Soto! Soto is a malaysian style chicken soup! but we cooked it Indonesian style because my nanny Kak Sarti was the chef! All this food was for sunday!

On sunday, We had tons of problems! I had to go buy KFC 2 barrels of chicken and 10 mashed potatoes and coleslaw (5 each). So it was hard because suddenly all the KFC nearby my old home either was closed! and went missing! to make even more troublesome, I had to go searched for Tropicana Twister Orange Juice! but there were NONE!!!! Only APPLE!! HUHUHUHUHUHUHU I went from Jusco Wangsa Maju to Carrefour to Cold Storage To Jusco Keramat to 7-eleven to Ong tai Kim and well neither had it! All was finish! Finito! KAppuuttttt... so I bought 6 bottles of soft drinks and i had none! It was even more worst, I was in charge of buying flowers but it was soooo expensive! From all the place I mentioned, I had to go on searching by the street hawker. THANK YOU! there they were! and I HAD TO FOUGHT for THEM, why???? They almost ran out! huh~!!! I'm not going to brag but it's all for good cause and for my Papa. So, I was patient and tired but I did not once say bad things or curse or anything. I was just normal, tired, hungry, almost collapsed and did i mention tired?? I love u papa!

On monday!!! YEAAA!! I was sleeping till 2PM hahaha and I watched tv till 5pm and continue sleeping till 9PM watched tv till 2am and Woke up at 1Pm on tuesday sunny and noisy and very much nuisance afternoon!!!

My sister came visit me and mama, Elida. We had lunch together and watch tv together. My duties for today were to mopped and sweep the floors but I did not do it yet!! so Here i am typing all thing for you CANDY! Honestly, I'm just tired and sleeeeeepyyy...

OKay! That's it for today!

Bye candy!
Love you!
Love papa!
Love yourself!
Love me!
Love mama!
Love arief!
Love ME!!!

Going to cook and sweep and mop now!

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