Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello Candy!

I've been MIA recently haven't I?? Well to be honest, I wasn't MIA. I was actually online and have been thinking all sort of things. I'll list down all those things!

1. My mom
= who is going to take care of her while I'm gone? Who is going to cook for her? care for her? massage her? stay by her side when she is sleeping? laugh with her watching korea? go shopping with her? just be there for her?? I have a heavy burden of leaving her and I want people to at least come and visit her or just maybe spent time with her. I really don't want to leave her like this. I don't. Honestly, she is my priority. I've made my promise to papa and i can't leave her. What should I DO??

2. You candy!
= I found out that people think we're both boring!! and figures actually. They think psychologically that I wrote too much or it's too much reading and less the picture they want to see. Also, They want to have a funny chemistry involved! I'm not that funny I guess. Sorry guys but I'm in no mood to be funny! I'm all stressed out. Though to my very quaint and loyal readers I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do and I will try to spice up the layout AGAIN! Please though give me feedback! There's a C-box up here. If you want to comment please leave a comment.

3. I went out with yana, aten, and elia.
Yea!! First time hanging out with friends from Uniten after the incident(papa). I really miss them though. I missed yana a lot because she always made me smile with her silly jokes and her personality is like a lighting bolt! All my friends just love and adore her! She is the center of attention with laughter and spirit. Spending time with them was fun because I respect them for not talking about papa and also I think they didn't want me to be sad or have that sad moment. I love them for that! Thanks Guys! I also took pictures of them but I'll update that later.

4. Photos
= I will try to update my blog with more photos!

5. Friends and Family
= I want to show people my family! so stay tune! I will personally show all of you my family and friends. How havoc they made me feel.

Thanks candy!

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