Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Papa!

Hello Candy!

Sorry for being missing the past 2 days. Actually I've been busy lately. Huhh.. I promised you my Baklava, and I did upload the photo so below will be the Photo of my Baklava. However, it's a bit burned at the top as you can see but it's tasty!! yummy!! and absolutely sweeeeetttt!!! Mama said it was tooo sweet for her so she can't eat it but she said it was tasty only too much sweetness she can't handle it.


On saturday, we went to my cousin engagement ceremony. It was a bit awkward I have to say because they were celebrating a new person coming to their family but I'd lost one and no one can replace that. The whole thing was great environment for me and mama. We needed it a lot! We needed company and people to talk to make the sadness go away and it was a family time for all of us, though my sisters weren't there. I found out that one my cousin was already engaged and we weren't even invited to it! How could they! They food was great! They served something that was my favorite which was Nanas Masak Lemak Ikan Masin which is Pineapple cooked with Coconut milk and salted fish! Spiced Chicken, Beef Rendang and Dalca. I wouldn't know what Dalca is in english but it's tasty!! I didn't take photos of the food but I did take a Photo of my cousin in her engagement dress and the hantaran from both side of the family. The hantaran is actually like gifts you give to each sides even on nikah you have to give it. hahaha I'm not gonna think about when I'm getting married because I'm Still young and I have responsibility to do and My Papa did say I can't get married nor engaged in the near future until I graduated and got a steady job and paycheck! So yeah!

this is the picture of my cousin with her niece and the hantaran

Today, Me and mama clean up space. We throw something that belong to papa that might not be a use for both of us like his medicine and I got yelled at actually because I told mama I might need to use his Insulin if i got sick or something. She yelled at me and said "AYA!!! DOn't ever say that!" I wasn't joking. I didn't feel like getting rid of his stuff! I didn't want to let go. It's going to be a month soon.

His medicine

Well I guess that's all for today Candy!

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