Friday, June 11, 2010


A few minutes ago, I watched a video a friend of mine Adz post on his Facebook. His friend Ali gave him a Goodbye video because he is going back home to Saudi Arabia and it felt sort of sad for me. I thought he was no longer coming back but suddenly Arif told me that he is still coming for one more semester. Though, I still feel sad because Adz is longer coming back. He already graduated~! Today is his last and final day as a student!

Tomorrow though, my schedule is going to be easy. Tomorrow, me and mama are going for a jog and after that breakfast and later to visit papa's grave for the 9th time. I'm glad I got to visit his grave a lot because it meant a lot. I love him a lot.

I posted it on my facebook page, four people liked it and my friend Budin said that Papa is lucky to have a daughter like me. That made me feel better to know too. Everyone told me to pray for him because as a muslim, that is what our parents says. We must always pray for them and for all of us. I'd pray for him everyday!

I miss him~! One friend of mine, Aimee inbox me with a message and it sort of caught me off guard but it's good to know that I have a friend that I can relate to in life with this issue. Arif even said that he was a lot of friends like that too. Those people are also my friend. Hehe..

Thanks Guys~!

well, I guess today wonders is friendship, love and forever ever after!

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