Friday, May 14, 2010

To be creative!

i want to be creative like other successful writer there is in this world! Their beautiful, vibrant, smart and passionate! i want to have brains like them and be more like them and learn a lot from them! I read about a blogger from nuffnang named kimberly cun and i kinda want to write about what she writes about herself! it's not addiction just a way to express one true beauty with her own brain (my brain) So my brain is saying write more, seek more, learn more and give out more! That is a lot of work! i mean seriously, i am passionate about what i want in life so to get it i must work for it!

I didn't think blogging was something like an internet diary, i was see it as expression of one beautiful mind with its perks and adverse view in its comical days. Okay! maybe it's a little like a diary but i kinda hate writing with pen and paper because i'm lazy! hahaha bet no one knows that! if i could translate my views right now it would be through pictures and art but i'm not good at drawings and have no experience in photography. i am willing to learn!

so if anyone out there who wants to teach me photography please say so! i would really like it.. it helps though i love photography and art.

little comment for today would be: my candy color is white because it's blant and the mood is sad, angry, devastated and well angst because my bf is in Melaka with his friends! im stuck here without him!

music: The only exception by paramore.

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