Friday, May 14, 2010

self conscious

pimple, blackheads and other disaster...

wow do i have trouble with my image now! i have tons of pimple and blackheads not to mention i used products to well help them go away but it doesn't work! and im tired of looking at them! seriously i used to be adorable and that's what everybody said but now! I'm no longer that cute, adorable little girl whose have a cute japanese's eyes. I'm now a grown Asian Malaysian who looks like the people on the street like every body else. Kinda want to be noticed by people. I kinda want to be lovely, HOT and other crap! guess i have to live with this... my bf thinks I'm cute and adorable that's why he loves me a lot. i want to be better, i want to look better and feel better... i want to have a better life is all I'm saying.

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