Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday i posted that my father was going to the hospital right?
but at 4.00 we got a call from my stepmum saying that the medic said that my father was already gone and they didn't have to bring him to the hospital.

As been said, my father past away at 3.09 AM with only my stepmum right beside him.
I want to tell you all this because as time is hard for me right now. I will try to move on and remember him as i always did. No matter where he is now, papa is always with me and there for me. He made me happy and i didn't see that. I want him to know that he'll always be in my heart and i love him for life! I get to see him only in 40-60 years to come if Allah may i live that long. I miss u papa, You left us too early without notice and you left me without saying i love u too.. I love u papa. I miss u


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