Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pacific

I watch the mini series from Episode 1-9 and in Malaysia episode 10 is next week.

sorry i haven't updated my resources for this whole week! a COMPLETE 9 DAYS!
I have been busy with stuff..

1. I bake chocolate chip cookies.
2. I survey the market for a new sports rim for my car.
3. I bought new thingsssss as in something confidential.
4. I exercise 4 hours this past week.. an achievement for my lazy butt!
5. i watch the PACIFIC! and it is superb like all the big newspapers and news say!
6. i lost a cat named nana and now my other cat nani is in the vet for surgery. She has fish bones stuck on her tooth.
7. I visited my old home.
8. I met with my mom friends who visited my new home and fall asleep
9. I went to klcc and just walk around that's all

see nothing fun happens while i was away.. just a few nips and pieces that might be a highlight for the days I have been missing..

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