Friday, May 14, 2010


well, it's 11.13pm now in Kuala Lumpur.

My nephew came to visit me and my parents and i sort of asked them to study with the books that i bought for them and one of i nephew Iwan, is actually good at mathematics and I'm not sure about other subjects. Guess i have to know when i got the books from him now. His younger brother Adam, is not smart at all! Honestly, he doesn't know the correct way of multiplying, dividing and even fraction. He has no sense of such works! I'm beginning to think that the teachers are not doing a good job at all! or their just scared with the students and well my nephew is also part to blame because all he thinks is football and having fun. He doesn't get the future! He doesn't speak a word of English in proper tone and grammar! I'm in such pain because this is my blood and well i need to help him! but i can't because i have my studies, my writing and me jungling all these makes tiredness roam my body!

I think the teachers are quite scared with their students with vandalism, gangsterism, and theft etc etc etc. For me, their younger and really fresh. They don't know the fact about life properly and how hard people work and fight for them. It grieves me that the youngster in Malaysia is like that. They need to know the values in life as it is.

I want my nephew to grow and be a better man than they are now! I want them to have a future and have something to hold on too rather than just dig it and leave it. It's not crucial at all to teach them how life gonna be. They need to know the math in life is not the math their imagining and dreamed of. They need to fight for it! and they need to know it's hard and learn to strive it!

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