Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It isn't the same when it comes to love and romance. People suddenly change, awkwardly and seriously it bugs me. it's because the people you love is slipping away from you by the ticking of the clock. tik tok tik tok hahaha

i wonder if he noticed that i miss him that much~!
i was wondering on how time flies without us noticing it when we have a lot of things to do. For me, if time flies it can also change the past right? but that's just crap and people will say im crazy! people usually say that if u change the past thus ur future will not be the same again right? but for me awkwardly enough to think that if i can change my past thus my future will always be the same because i already know what's happening soon. right??
my house is next to the main road of a busy street so expect a heap sound of cars and motorcycle! don't they realized that their noise is causing other people brain damage?? that the noise is actually another stress build upon one very surmise mind.
hectic, noisy and disaster! those smokes causes the global warming! and im sick of it! someone needs to teach the a lesson!
alrite people! im officially board~!!!!
i can't think with all this flamboyant noise around! they need filter for noises on those vehicle!

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