Thursday, May 13, 2010

echo and noise.

im currently skyping with my bf but its so hard because there's noise in the background and the connection is very faulty. it's very stressful but its cheap just trying to contact my bf online! no phone calls that ocst money! skype really make my day but im sadd because i cant make video call to him. I really miss him and i know he misses me too.

anyway, there's this show i like to watch called cinderella's stepsister which have the cutest and handsome korean stars! its a korean drama, my mom is an addict for korean drama and im sucked in too! i like this drama because it feature one of my fave artist! she is so adorable! and such a powerful act! i cant believe she can act that way! you guys should see the drama! its a must watch drama of 2010 in my book!

actress Moon Geun-Young is such a poise and smart person. its a persona i would definitely like to see more of!

i wonder if today would be a lovely day filled with pleasures and no racing and damn! noisy ignorant morons who cant understand that people love peace n quiet! those cars really need a dose of their own medicine! hmmmm.. why aren't there rules for noisy car??

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