Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I feel so bored!
nothing to do and just plain bored...

need my baby to cheer me up! he always does.
i want him here to have and to hold for the rest of my life!

the color of orange is filled in my life currently as it is suppose to be sunny yet its raining! huh! just as i predicted this morning. today is not a good day at all!
nothing great happen and i really miss my baby! i really want to spend more time with him but the long distant is really hard but i can make it because he is always in my heart no matter what.

dating is like a stress relieve/relaxation time/romantic getaway! but here in kuala lumpur its hard to actually have a date that u want it to be like in the books and movies. i really want to have a picnic or just watch the sunset with a beautiful view of the vast ocean or maybe just seat by the park and let the time runs by without u noticing it.

i really like that my bf is supporting my in writing my first ever book! he even wants to be part of it and that makes me feel very much relieve since he is not a book lover like me but he tries to get into the grove. For me, he tries thing for me and i like that. thats why i love him! he is my soul, my love and my heart. In malay that means Rohku, Cintaku, Hatiku. u guys should learn malay. its easy!

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