Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 AM

hello! finally finished with the editing and html stuff! never thought it would be that tough even to pick which one is the best! but i choose chapstick because i think its beautiful and simple! thats what i want people to see me as a simple person who wears crocs.

nothing very special today just that i saw an incident that is downright not good. Well, i don't care if she is the boss and she owns the shop but there is no way to treat her employee like that! really! honestly! don't be a B**** and brag that you are helping them with their life and you gave them life here! no way! i bet they can get work on other places and be treated differently! There is no respect as well as no dignity in handling such incident, she was yelling at them in front of me! im embarrassed even to see it and i feel very guilty even now! god sake that is such a shame!

its 4am and im not sleeping! k people need to sleep oh!
i like this photo because it's beautiful and very serene! bring to me to my future!

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