Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday i posted that my father was going to the hospital right?
but at 4.00 we got a call from my stepmum saying that the medic said that my father was already gone and they didn't have to bring him to the hospital.

As been said, my father past away at 3.09 AM with only my stepmum right beside him.
I want to tell you all this because as time is hard for me right now. I will try to move on and remember him as i always did. No matter where he is now, papa is always with me and there for me. He made me happy and i didn't see that. I want him to know that he'll always be in my heart and i love him for life! I get to see him only in 40-60 years to come if Allah may i live that long. I miss u papa, You left us too early without notice and you left me without saying i love u too.. I love u papa. I miss u


Wednesday, May 26, 2010



my beloved father is on his way to the hospital!!!
Please oh please! let him be okay!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I LOVE!

1. My family
2. My Bf!!!
3. My GFF!!
4. My cats!
5. My Car
6. Reading books!
7. Cooking!
8. Photographs! Pictures! Arts! craft!
10. Nature and its living creature!

by accidental songs

by achitour

by blonde redhead


I've recently change my profile photo and my icon photo.
That's good!

The pictures are truly me! me! me! and me! a billion times me!

Hope you like it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pacific

I watch the mini series from Episode 1-9 and in Malaysia episode 10 is next week.

sorry i haven't updated my resources for this whole week! a COMPLETE 9 DAYS!
I have been busy with stuff..

1. I bake chocolate chip cookies.
2. I survey the market for a new sports rim for my car.
3. I bought new thingsssss as in something confidential.
4. I exercise 4 hours this past week.. an achievement for my lazy butt!
5. i watch the PACIFIC! and it is superb like all the big newspapers and news say!
6. i lost a cat named nana and now my other cat nani is in the vet for surgery. She has fish bones stuck on her tooth.
7. I visited my old home.
8. I met with my mom friends who visited my new home and fall asleep
9. I went to klcc and just walk around that's all

see nothing fun happens while i was away.. just a few nips and pieces that might be a highlight for the days I have been missing..

Friday, May 14, 2010

To be creative!

i want to be creative like other successful writer there is in this world! Their beautiful, vibrant, smart and passionate! i want to have brains like them and be more like them and learn a lot from them! I read about a blogger from nuffnang named kimberly cun and i kinda want to write about what she writes about herself! it's not addiction just a way to express one true beauty with her own brain (my brain) So my brain is saying write more, seek more, learn more and give out more! That is a lot of work! i mean seriously, i am passionate about what i want in life so to get it i must work for it!

I didn't think blogging was something like an internet diary, i was see it as expression of one beautiful mind with its perks and adverse view in its comical days. Okay! maybe it's a little like a diary but i kinda hate writing with pen and paper because i'm lazy! hahaha bet no one knows that! if i could translate my views right now it would be through pictures and art but i'm not good at drawings and have no experience in photography. i am willing to learn!

so if anyone out there who wants to teach me photography please say so! i would really like it.. it helps though i love photography and art.

little comment for today would be: my candy color is white because it's blant and the mood is sad, angry, devastated and well angst because my bf is in Melaka with his friends! im stuck here without him!

music: The only exception by paramore.


well, it's 11.13pm now in Kuala Lumpur.

My nephew came to visit me and my parents and i sort of asked them to study with the books that i bought for them and one of i nephew Iwan, is actually good at mathematics and I'm not sure about other subjects. Guess i have to know when i got the books from him now. His younger brother Adam, is not smart at all! Honestly, he doesn't know the correct way of multiplying, dividing and even fraction. He has no sense of such works! I'm beginning to think that the teachers are not doing a good job at all! or their just scared with the students and well my nephew is also part to blame because all he thinks is football and having fun. He doesn't get the future! He doesn't speak a word of English in proper tone and grammar! I'm in such pain because this is my blood and well i need to help him! but i can't because i have my studies, my writing and me jungling all these makes tiredness roam my body!

I think the teachers are quite scared with their students with vandalism, gangsterism, and theft etc etc etc. For me, their younger and really fresh. They don't know the fact about life properly and how hard people work and fight for them. It grieves me that the youngster in Malaysia is like that. They need to know the values in life as it is.

I want my nephew to grow and be a better man than they are now! I want them to have a future and have something to hold on too rather than just dig it and leave it. It's not crucial at all to teach them how life gonna be. They need to know the math in life is not the math their imagining and dreamed of. They need to fight for it! and they need to know it's hard and learn to strive it!

it turned around!

lovely as it is.. just turned by a very bad bad bad news~!

don't want to talk about it! let me figure what to write before i post it..
anyway, below is pictures that i think is soothing for me to release my tension.
hope u like it too..

lovely kitty

just believe

vast ocean

lovely day it is!

photo by 13th-nymphea

i just love the dress! its so beautiful

self conscious

pimple, blackheads and other disaster...

wow do i have trouble with my image now! i have tons of pimple and blackheads not to mention i used products to well help them go away but it doesn't work! and im tired of looking at them! seriously i used to be adorable and that's what everybody said but now! I'm no longer that cute, adorable little girl whose have a cute japanese's eyes. I'm now a grown Asian Malaysian who looks like the people on the street like every body else. Kinda want to be noticed by people. I kinda want to be lovely, HOT and other crap! guess i have to live with this... my bf thinks I'm cute and adorable that's why he loves me a lot. i want to be better, i want to look better and feel better... i want to have a better life is all I'm saying.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

cinderella's stepsister

cinderella's stepsister

echo and noise.

im currently skyping with my bf but its so hard because there's noise in the background and the connection is very faulty. it's very stressful but its cheap just trying to contact my bf online! no phone calls that ocst money! skype really make my day but im sadd because i cant make video call to him. I really miss him and i know he misses me too.

anyway, there's this show i like to watch called cinderella's stepsister which have the cutest and handsome korean stars! its a korean drama, my mom is an addict for korean drama and im sucked in too! i like this drama because it feature one of my fave artist! she is so adorable! and such a powerful act! i cant believe she can act that way! you guys should see the drama! its a must watch drama of 2010 in my book!

actress Moon Geun-Young is such a poise and smart person. its a persona i would definitely like to see more of!

i wonder if today would be a lovely day filled with pleasures and no racing and damn! noisy ignorant morons who cant understand that people love peace n quiet! those cars really need a dose of their own medicine! hmmmm.. why aren't there rules for noisy car??

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

noises by the window

my house is damn noisy! not because of my noise but the noise of the cars, buses, motor cycles and other vehicle that roam this part of kuala lumpur! with honks and crash even people yelling, it makes me even hard to concentrate with my writing, my gibberish, my imagination and well my thoughts for everything i need to value in life. seriously! i feel so blue right now!

today mood; blue because its raining as i predicted last night.
currently listening to music; coffee and tv by blur

ambulance has passed by for about 4 in total now. wow my house is so near to the hospital. the total of hospital is 2-3 in my area! hahaha that much!

image is by maverick-t11

she said its not hard to fall in love

link to she said its not hard to fall in love


I feel so bored!
nothing to do and just plain bored...

need my baby to cheer me up! he always does.
i want him here to have and to hold for the rest of my life!

the color of orange is filled in my life currently as it is suppose to be sunny yet its raining! huh! just as i predicted this morning. today is not a good day at all!
nothing great happen and i really miss my baby! i really want to spend more time with him but the long distant is really hard but i can make it because he is always in my heart no matter what.

dating is like a stress relieve/relaxation time/romantic getaway! but here in kuala lumpur its hard to actually have a date that u want it to be like in the books and movies. i really want to have a picnic or just watch the sunset with a beautiful view of the vast ocean or maybe just seat by the park and let the time runs by without u noticing it.

i really like that my bf is supporting my in writing my first ever book! he even wants to be part of it and that makes me feel very much relieve since he is not a book lover like me but he tries to get into the grove. For me, he tries thing for me and i like that. thats why i love him! he is my soul, my love and my heart. In malay that means Rohku, Cintaku, Hatiku. u guys should learn malay. its easy!


It isn't the same when it comes to love and romance. People suddenly change, awkwardly and seriously it bugs me. it's because the people you love is slipping away from you by the ticking of the clock. tik tok tik tok hahaha

i wonder if he noticed that i miss him that much~!
i was wondering on how time flies without us noticing it when we have a lot of things to do. For me, if time flies it can also change the past right? but that's just crap and people will say im crazy! people usually say that if u change the past thus ur future will not be the same again right? but for me awkwardly enough to think that if i can change my past thus my future will always be the same because i already know what's happening soon. right??
my house is next to the main road of a busy street so expect a heap sound of cars and motorcycle! don't they realized that their noise is causing other people brain damage?? that the noise is actually another stress build upon one very surmise mind.
hectic, noisy and disaster! those smokes causes the global warming! and im sick of it! someone needs to teach the a lesson!
alrite people! im officially board~!!!!
i can't think with all this flamboyant noise around! they need filter for noises on those vehicle!


i wonder if today would be a rainy day (metaphorically, literally and figuratively)



love this kitttttiee

4 AM

hello! finally finished with the editing and html stuff! never thought it would be that tough even to pick which one is the best! but i choose chapstick because i think its beautiful and simple! thats what i want people to see me as a simple person who wears crocs.

nothing very special today just that i saw an incident that is downright not good. Well, i don't care if she is the boss and she owns the shop but there is no way to treat her employee like that! really! honestly! don't be a B**** and brag that you are helping them with their life and you gave them life here! no way! i bet they can get work on other places and be treated differently! There is no respect as well as no dignity in handling such incident, she was yelling at them in front of me! im embarrassed even to see it and i feel very guilty even now! god sake that is such a shame!

its 4am and im not sleeping! k people need to sleep oh!
i like this photo because it's beautiful and very serene! bring to me to my future!