Friday, December 2, 2016


I wrote about 1000 words today for "Untitled Bare". Not sure where it is heading but it seems fun and I found out I'm going to wack my head open trying to write this.

Heads Up, Not sure if I want to post it online or for any eyes to see.

Just my cup of tea for now.

Bye Candy

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Side Line Retreat

Hi Candy,

I'm here today to tell you that I'm feeling a bit down because of work and other things included but mostly work. I don't have any troubles at all with personal life but it gets hectic at work, which is normal. Everyone goes through it.

At the end of the day, CAN'T WAIT TO GO HOME! That's the feel every time.

Recently here in Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, There has been so many car accidents that is just of the charts. For this week, I pass through about 4 and it's only Wednesday. I don't need to mentioned what the radio's is saying but yeah. I don't get why drivers are so eager to drive fast, not to mention the weather! It's the raining season here.

Well, there's that norm over here. Sorry my fellow Malaysian, but there are some cars that is just as ehem as it can get.. ehem is well ehem ehem.. No hate please, honestly! Don't get me started.. I am driving and I...well... you know when those things happens.. the words just blurred out... hehe

I'm looking for a side job since a few ago and I haven't found one! If anyone is reading this, especially about writing. Please do email me or you can leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I'm new (not so new) but I've got a lot to learn which I am open to criticism for my writings. If there's a job offer, which I'm not sure is up my ally yet. I'd love to try.


Bye Candy.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Its been a while my little friend.

Last I wrote here was back in 2011 and its been 5 years now? How unfortunate that I've forgotten you.

More importantly, I've grown up so vast that when I read all of it again I felt childish.

But I haven't forgotten you.

I will write again my friend. I will...

Till next time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complicated Desire

Hello Candy!

I'm serious oblivious about friendship. Like seriously. Some people are my friends while some just pretend to be. I can't say I'm at wrong or there people at wrong but WHAT'S WRONG? I'm just so freakin pissed! It hurts to know how excluded I am. It just hurts.

Thank you for showing me your true light. So much!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unsplendid Moments

Hello Candy!

I'm currently at work now so I'm suppose to do work stuff but I'm a bit hasting about it. I can't say much but I'm a lot bored and well there's this and that and lalalala.. so yeah. working is fun but it's take times.

So this morning, I went to work driving and well, I  wore make up today. I'm sure some of you think that's normal but for me it's the not normal thing in the WORLD! I wore make up only when Arief's around. If he is not, then I'm just plain jane. Seriously!

The thing is, I was stuck in traffic and I was like there's nothing much to do and I can't sing hahaha I sing like a donkey in a panic attack.. errr.. kinda?...

Traffic was bad this morning. I was lonely so I decided to wear make up today.. :P to release the loneliness and singing and I don't want to say. SO while the light is red and I'm like in line I pull out my foundation and blablabla tap here tap there. Put here put there.. suddenly I saw this guy looking straight at me from the left, he was like geleng kepala or should I say "what is she doing?"

he was like looking at me weirdly and suddenly he yelled at me "WOI!" I wasn't paying attention to him because the light is still red. why should I be bother right? Uhmmm perasan skit la :P hhuhu

Are men all like that? Terpegun ke perempuan pakai make up di tengah jalan? There's no definite rules saying we can't kan? Ada masa.

So why the hate? I'm not sure if it' is hate... hmmm... NVM..

Bye candy! Got to work. My boss is eyeing me since last week.. harhar har kitty face :P

Monday, June 6, 2011

A dedication for my special person.

Hello candy!

I've been like a jerk lately since I've rarely blog and do stuff that is important to me and myself. SO! I can't really promise anything at the moment. I am rather busy with the practical training. Anwyaysssss!

Today is a very special day for my heart, my soul and my handsome bf! It's HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday syg! Heeeeee....! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Actually, I'm trying not to praise him yet, I want to make him think that I forgotten his birthday but I actually didn't forget his birthday at all.. Do you get it?? You don't?? it's like this..

Arief; You've forgottenn my birthday!
Me: OMG! I did!
Arief: How could you!
Me: Syg, syg.. see here, tadaaa! A meal appropriate for your birthday! Yeeeaaaa! Happy birthday! I didn't forget your birthday at all! Lalalala

If you don't get it yet! You're in trouble man! Anwyays,
I wanted to spend the weekend with him celebrating his birthday and lots more but he couldn't make it here to KL since there were assignment and other works for him to do. SO i had to spend my weekends walking about ampang and visiting the rest of my family. Huhu what to do?

My plans of cooking this fillet of dory with mustard cream sauce is out the door, unfortunately. Hence, I'll try to make it a perfect one if he'll come.

To my beloved! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great life ahead of you, with all your dreams coming true and a long and prestige life.  Semoga you, panjang umur dan sihat sentiasa. InsyaAllah.

hehe :P I can't say that word but you definitely know what I'm saying... :)

Have a great one. I'll always mulahmula you.. :P